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Added 9/28/09 Savings opportunity (Marketing)

Chandler Showcase of Homes

We are currently looking for a limited number of homes to take part in our Showcase of Homes program. Periodically we select customer homes to showcase our various roofing systems. These homes are selected based upon the overall attractiveness of the home as well as our desire to showcase a certain geographical area, a certain style of home, and/or a particular roofing style.

If your home is selected and approved you will be offered a significant discount on the price of a new Chandler Metal Roof in exchange for all of the following:

  • Homeowners give Chandler Metal Roofing the unlimited right to use before and after photos of their home in any and all venues, including print advertisements, in home presentations, direct mailings, internet marketing, etc.
  • Homeowners agree to fill out an after instillation questionnaire and share a brief written assessment of their experience with Chandler Metal Roofing. These materials may be used at our discretion in any and all venues.
  • Homeowners agree to the placement of a Chandler Metal Roofing yard sign on their property for thirty (30) days.
  • Homeowners address may be included on a list of Chandler Metal Roofing references. (Names and phone numbers will not appear on this list without the further consent of the homeowners.)
  • Other than the aforementioned discount, there will be no compensation paid by Chandler Metal Roofing to the homeowners for any of the above considerations.

Call now to see if your home qualifies!

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