Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of a metal roof?

A properly installed quality metal roof can last and maintain its appearance for 50-100 years. It is truly the last roof you will have to buy.

What are some of the benefits of a metal roof?

Well, there are certainly many! Here are few:

  • Superior protection against wind, fire, and hail
  • Long life
  • Very low maintenance
  • Adds value to your home – not an expense, but an investment
  • Attractive and designed to stay that way

The bottom line is that a metal roof is almost certainly the last roof you will ever buy. A properly installed quality metal roof will maintain its beauty while doing what a roof is supposed to do - protect your home from the elements.

Will a metal roof look good on my house?

Only you can be the final judge about that. However, we have yet to come across a style of home that’s beauty was not enhanced by one or more of our various roofing styles.

What may look good on one home may not look good on another. That’s why we offer various styles of metal roofing. For example, your Chandler Metal Roof can have the appearance of shake, tile, or even an architectural asphalt shingle. We can help you find the Chandler Metal Roof that is right for you and your home. You can view our various styles in our photo gallery.

Is a metal roof noisier when it rains?

Generally, no. A metal roof that is installed directly to the roof deck is generally no noisier than an asphalt roof. In fact, since a metal roof is often installed over an existing asphalt roof many people find it quieter.

Aren’t metal roofs shiny and metallic looking?

Not ours. We offer stone-coated DECRA shingles. You can view our various styles in our photo gallery.

How much does a metal roof cost?

It is impossible to estimate how much a specific metal roof will cost without having one of our consultants do a complete on-site evaluation and take all the appropriate measurements.

The initial cost of a metal roof is higher than the initial cost of an asphalt roof, but less than a tile, slate, or wood shake roof. However, the per-year-cost of a metal roof is significantly lower than an asphalt roof. In fact, a steel roof is most often the least expensive long term roofing solution available.

Do you offer asphalt shingles?

No. There are no asphalt shingles on the market that meet our strict standards of quality. We will not install any product that we cannot stand behind 100%. Please read more about the reasons today’s asphalt shingles fail.

However, we do offer stone-coated steel roofs that look VERY much like an architectural or dimensional asphalt roof which you can see in our photo gallery.

Is a metal roof eco-friendly?

Very! Steel is the most recycled product in the world, in large part because it can be reused almost indefinitely without compromising quality. At the end of its long life a steel roof is 100 percent recyclable. In contrast, asphalt shingles are almost always headed to the landfill after their relatively short life. (Over Ten Million Tons of asphalt shingles are dumped in landfills each year!)

In addition, a properly ventilated metal roof can cut your cooling costs by as much as 30 precent and heating costs by as much as 10 percent. So not only do you save money, but you lower your carbon footprint as well. Please visit our green page to find out more about the environmental benefits of a Chandler Metal Roof.

Can a metal roof be installed over my existing asphalt shingles?

Absolutely. Very often a metal roof will be installed over an existing asphalt roof. This is a very common and proven installation method. This is possible in part because even though a steel roof is much stronger than an asphalt roof, it weighs significantly less. Installing your metal roof over your existing shingles saves money, eliminates the mess of a shingle tear-off and disposal, and provides extra insulation to your home.

However, every job is unique and there are times when it is best to remove the existing roof, such as when there is rotten wood decking. Your Chandler consultant will be able to go over all the options with you after doing a complete evaluation.

Can a metal roof save me money on my homeowners insurance?

Every homeowners insurance policy is different and you will have to refer to your specific company and policy. However, most companies do offer discounts for metal roofing due to its ability to withstand hail and wind and its fire resistance.

How does a metal roof stand up to high winds, fire, and hail?

Chandler Metal Roofing uses only products that are designed to withstand blow-off by winds of up to 120mph. Our roofs are also warranted against being penetrated, cracked, or split by hail (Class 4 Impact Resistant) and are non-combustible (Class A Rated Material). Chandler Metal Roofs are also freeze/thaw resistant and not damaged by thermo-shock.

What should I expect when a Chandler Metal Roofing consultant comes to my home?

You should expect that:

  • Our consultant will be on time;
  • Our consultant will conduct himself professionally and courteously at all times;
  • Our consultant is an expert in roofing who can and will answer any question you may have;
  • Our consultant will not be a "pushing salesperson". We have homes too, and we hate having one of those in our home as much as you do;
  • Our consultant will utilize any and all applicable savings programs in order to present you with the lowest price possible;
  • By the end of the consultation and evaluation you will know a good deal more about metal roofing, roofing in general, and ventilation, than you did before we were there. Even if, for whatever reason, you decide a quality Chandler Metal Roof is not for you, you will come out of the appointment a very well informed roofing consumer.

What sets Chandler Metal Roofing apart from other roofing companies?

Chandler Metal Roofing is a specialty contractor. Not only do we offer only roofing, but we offer only metal roofing. We are one of very few companies in the industry that specializes to this extent. All our experience is with quality metal roofing.

In the previous answer we told you some of the things you can expect from our consultants. We are proud that our consultants are some of the most professional, well trained, and experienced in the industry. However, while our consultants are a very important component of Chandler Metal Roofing’s dedication to excellence, there are some other very important factors that we believe set us apart from other roofing contractors.

We use only the highest quality roofing products available. There are a lot of metal roofing products available today, but they are not all created equally, and we have no desire to work with any but the best.

Our installers are second to none in this industry. Not only have our installers completed more metal roofs than the vast majority of installers in the industry, but that’s all they do. The installation of a metal roof is extremely important. If a quality metal roof fails it is almost always because of a substandard installation. Ask yourself, who do you want to install your metal roof, roofers who work only with metal week after week, or installers that install metal once in a while but mainly work with asphalt? The proper installation of a metal roof is a craft that takes quality training and lots of experience.

Our goal as a company is to exceed your expectations from the initial consultation to the completed installation.

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