Problems with Today's Asphalt

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Today’s asphalt shingles are not the asphalt shingles of 30 years ago. Today, asphalt shingles are only 10 to 30 percent asphalt by weight - and less asphalt means poorer performance. That’s why today’s asphalt shingles are so prone to curling, cracking, staining and breaking, often in as little as one year. We still call them asphalt shingles, but today they are mainly filler.

Today’s asphalt shingles are so susceptible to damage from heat, cold, thermo-shock, algae and mold that asphalt roofs today most often last only 10-15 years. By that time a good deal of the shingle has washed into the rain gutters.

However, a Chandler Metal Roof is impervious to the many factors that slowly break down today’s asphalt shingles, like heat, cold, and thermo-shock. And with a Chandler Metal Roof featuring DECRA stone-coated steel, you can choose to have the best of both worlds - the look of a brand new dimensional asphalt roof and the durability and long life of steel.

What other industry experts have to say about today’s asphalt roofs

Asphalt Manufacturer:

"Due to the severity of the roof environment, even a one year old roof may look different from a roof that was just installed. While you may have first noticed the cracks or blistering from the ladder as you were cleaning the gutters, please be mindful that these normal weathering characteristics may not be visible when you view your roof from your front lawn or driveway."

Source: Certainteed

Laboratory Testing:

"Failed shingles that we have tested contain approximately 30 percent asphalt by weight. New shingles contain less than 25 percent. This asphalt is mixed with sand and fine mineral matter and then has granules embedded in it. There is no separate asphalt mat "coating"; there is only asphalt binder for the filler. What coating exists on the back of the shingle appears to have bled through the mat from the top side during manufacture. No wonder shingles "weep" water after only a few years."

Source: Richard Tippett, Applied Roofing Technology

Home Improvement Expert:

"While asphalt shingles come with warranties ranging from 20 to as long as 45 years, roofers and builders remain skeptical of those warranties. Since warranties are a marketing device, they are not reliable predictor of lifespan. In the past decade, there have been many complaints of asphalt shingle failure long before warranties expired. Many homeowners have been dissatisfied with warranty payouts that didn't cover all the costs of repair or replacement as well."

Source: Bob Vila

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